Joe Olstein was a BLESSING for me! He knew what to do for me!! Without putting my personal info out there, I was in a very devastating financial situation and nowhere to turn. I spoke to so many older seasoned high power expensive attorneys and not 1 of them could figure out how to help me. Right off the bat when I spoke to Joe on the phone he told me I won’t loose my house and he could help me! He was very knowledgeable and smart and was able to protect me from a disaster. He immediately filed for bankruptcy and protected me. He was able to work with the opposing attorney and get me out of the bankruptcy into a settlement and continued to lead me to a very positive outcome. Joe was the answer to my prayers and saved me from doom. He was very thoughtful, caring, smart, thinks out of the box and had good ideas to advocate for me. I am very happy with the outcome of my situation because of Joe and his professional caring service he gave me. Joe has good communication skills, explains things, is organized, returns emails and phone calls. He’s an excellent Bankruptcy attorney and represented me perfect in my opinion. I would highly recommend Joe Olstein for any of his services because he’s on top of the game, is trustworthy and not one of those cold hearted attorney’s after you give them your retainer fee you have to chase after them!